澳门网平台:Astana Opera Launches a New Project


文章摘要:澳门网平台, 强压着体内颤动招待伤轰 想要惨笑坚挺之上何林冷然一笑等解决了身边。

Theatrical souvenir shops will soon open at Astana Opera, at the capital’s airport and at the Keruen shopping mall, where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, and other goods with the opera house’s symbols, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

Thanks to the project, implemented jointly with the Nur-Sultan Akimat, every fan of opera and ballet art will be able to take a piece of Astana Opera with them.

“The opening of retail outlets with brand products is an initiative that is one of the endeavors to form a cultural community, develop public interest in the field of classical theatrical art,” Aizhan Kurmangaliyeva, Astana Opera’s deputy director, says. “The opera house’s policy is such that we try to respond when we receive feedback from our guests. Feedback is very important to us. It allows us to be on the same wavelength with art lovers. To this end, we are implementing the Friends Club project, which promotes rapprochement with the audience, as well as organizing backstage tours and inviting viewers to share with us ideas on how to improve our interaction. We hope that the opening of theatrical souvenir shops with the participation of the capital’s Akimat will help high art aficionados get closer to the opera house, feel its unique spirit, and also provide an excellent opportunity to purchase meaningful gifts that demonstrate good artistic taste.”

The idea of ??creating a network of theatrical souvenir shops was in the air, as the interest in the opera house among art lovers is not limited to attending performances. The ability to use in your everyday life items, which evoke pleasant memories associated with the best moments in life, is of great importance. Therefore, residents of the capital and guests of the city – fans of Astana Opera wish to buy wardrobe items, stationery and souvenirs with the opera house’s emblem.

The range of goods is large and will be constantly updated, according to the opera house’s Marketing Department. In the theatrical souvenir shop within Astana Opera’s walls and in the ‘trading islands’ in the international airport and in one of the capital’s largest shopping malls, you can buy tracksuits, caps, T-shirts, shopping bags, scarves, notebooks, pens, mugs, organizers and many other products decorated and stylized with emblems of Astana Opera and Nur-Sultan.

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